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Topic: My opinion of the bible

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My opinion of the bible

The bible is a book that a group of people decided to compile from many scrolls and scriptures that were written at least several centuries before their time, this is what is known as 'the bible canon'.

I have scrutinized the bible extensively enough to come to the conclusion that some parts of it are authentic (namely the historical parts that have been corroborated with archeological findings) and some parts are completely made up fairy tales.

It also contains many absurdities and contradictions and many times makes God sound like someone who needs to take Anti-psychotic medications. Now having said that, even with all it's egregious flaws the bible is by no means worthless and should not be disregarded. It contains many wise and beneficial teachings that you won't find in any other religious book, one of them is the one that most christians call: 'the golden rule' , i.e.: "treat other people as you would like other people to treat you" (no matter what they look like) -(that's my version of it).


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