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Topic: The BIG DINOSAUR question

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The BIG DINOSAUR question

Before I present the big question (some of you probably already imagine what it is), I want to explain why I believe in creation rather than evolution:

First, some obvious reasons: Most sheeple who believe in the theory of evolution do so because they have no idea of what it actually is: The current, most widely accepted theory of evolution postulates that all existing animals including us evolved from other existing and also extinct animals, the problem with this is that we see no intermediate species of animals that we can point to and say "see there, that's a half horse half mouse" for example. There are no intermediate species of animals anywhere, living or in the fossil record. Supposedly apes evolved from monkeys evolved from rodents evolved from a walking fish. There is a species of walking fish ("Mud skipper" if I'm not mistaken) but why don't we see an intermediate species of a mud skipper and what ever it evolved into? A half mud skipper half rodent for example. Another thing that makes me doubt the theory of evolution is "survival of the fittest". If the ape/cave men where superior to the apes and monkeys which they evolved from, why did the inferior apes and monkeys survive but the superior neanderthals and cro-magnon didn't?

The third obvious reason (at least to me) why I believe in a powerful supernatural creator is the obvious supernatural aspect of existance (life). What the hell am I talking about? you may be asking. If you are inside a room right now whether in an office at work or in your bedroom at home you are inside a room of "deFINITE" size, which is completely logical. The room has deFINITE size and dimensions, you can measure how big it is and you can see the walls. The earth itself has a deFINITE size too, it's roughly about 20,000 miles in circumference, but the earth itself (which includes us inside our rooms) is itself inside a room of inmeasurable size, an inFINITE room which we call outter space. INFINITY to me is a supernatural thing, it's sorta like we live inside a computer program.

The other two major reasons why many people accept evolution is because God seems to be indifferent towards his creation, there are too many people suffering around the world all the time and too many cruel and evil people go unpunished, "the wicked prosper" as the bible says. I can't say I blame people who accept evolution based on these two last reasons because in the past I did the same.

The many uncanny and "funny" things that happen in life can only be explained with the concept of 'supernatural', I have also read many publications in which many legitimate scientists give testimony for why they reject the theory of evolution and give evidence for it. Those are the reasons why I am a spiritual person who believes in creation YET not the way the bible portrays it.

Now, the BIG DINOSAUR question.

Neither Christians nor Muslims have an acceptable explanation for this question:

Why did God create the dinosaurs simply to destroy them?, did he get bored of them? Will God one day get bored with humanity too? Are dinosaurs just a big lie played on the masses by elite atheists, could all the bones in museums actually be man made as part of a big lie on the masses?

One thing is for sure: life is just a big mystery until hopefully one day our creator/s (or somebody else wink.gif ) reveals the real truth to us.

Hopefully this has been thought provoking to at least some of you.

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