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Topic: About that trailer for Battleship...

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About that trailer for Battleship...

So the trailer finally comes out, and it's not a collective groan from audiences, but more like a collective, "Huh?" Not only does no one say the classic line, "You sank my battleship!," but it's also got gigantic aliens attacking the ships. (Don't worry, director Peter Berg promises the line is in the movie, and that "we aspire to be fairly original in how we deliver that line.")
As fans and regular folks were Tweeting, compiled by the Hollywood Reporter, one fan wrote, "movie based on board game = aliens = Peter Berg trying to do a Michael Bay?," and indeed, it looks somewhat like a cross between Pearl Harbor and Transformers. 

James Gunn, who wrote the Dawn of the Dead remake, tweeted, "That Battleship trailer is the weirdest thing I've ever seen."  Another tweeter wrote, "Watch this trailer, and prepare to say WTF."

Positive tweets included, "Ooooo Battleship looks gooood," "Battleship looks like a good movie soo, I don't get what all the fuss is about?," and "better than expected?"

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