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Topic: empirical

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1. based on observation or experience. (guidelines for raising children that are based on "empirical" evidence).

2. capable of being proven as true or real. (a philosopher who does not regard “God exists” as an empirical statement)

Synonyms and related words: accepted, actual, checkable, confirmable, demonstrable, existential, experient, experiential, experimental, provable, supportable, sustainable, certifiable, documentable, well-founded; defensible, excusable, justifiable, vindicable, warrantable - conjectured, deduced, guessed, presumed, surmised, suspected,, objective, observational, factual, genuine, hard, material, real; established, tried, tried-and-true; indisputable, undeniable; provable, verifiable.

I would like to add one more related word which should be included in the above list: "Obvious"

Antonyms and near antonyms: indemonstrable, unprovable, unsupportable, unsustainable, unverifiable.

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