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Topic: The Truth: spelled out! please WAKE UP!

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The Truth: spelled out! please WAKE UP!


Always being able to remember the truths below will set you free.

If you want to go straight to the in-depth explanation of how the complex process/regimen of anti-aging works you can click on the following link (it is also at the bottom of this post), but don't forget to also read the information written below it.

Anti-Aging and Noise Pollution >

Chemistry and Psychology are exactly the same thing when they have to do with your mind and brain.

The following is obvious because our entire body works via chemical reactions and interactions

Thoughts, concepts, ideas, memories, words and even individual letters have a slightly different chemical formula (combination of chemicals) assigned to each which are meant to (programmed to, designed for, designated for, etc.) produce(ing) them (the thoughts, memories...) ,

The files in our brains are made out of chemicals. Chemicals are simply molecules and molecules are just groups of atoms. So our thoughts are actual matter not something abstract. ever read the book "Thougts are things"? ( I haven't myself but I know about this book from a friend)

This is why there exists something called "the placebo effect" and it's only the tip of the iceberg of what our minds can do (Mind over matter). Thoughts and words can heal you or kill you depending on how and when you use them.: Psychology, Syntax, and Semantics: "choice of words"; choosing the best words and arranging them in order to make the most impact on the reader. Also has to do with "first impressions". Everything is psychology.

The proof is here: Bing!

That's what I mean by "Knowledge trumps Genetics" (and telomeres)

(I am NOT anti- commerce or anti-competition/capitalism but) This is why you have to be careful with T.V. and Radio. Virtually every commercial has music in it and the music is there to control your emotions subconsciously. It's mind control plain and simply. Food (which is comprised of chemicals), perfumes and odors (personality fumes), sounds, anything, just be aware. The real Matrix is a psychological one. Psychological mind control. An evil "force" (I have no idea who or what it may be...yet) does not want you to wake up and become powerful, it wants you to keep being O.K. with just being an expendable. Being born, breeding and then dying without ever questioning what is the purpose of existance.

Aging is a psychosomatic illess which can be cure/reversed with the right knowledge.

If you don't believe that reversing aging is possible then that is the truth and if you do believe it, it is also the truth because BELIEVE is also a word in your brain which is made out of chemicals.

What did Einstein say? "imagination is more important than knowledge" Imagination is the power of BELIEVE. The only reason why Einstein is not here today is because he knew nothing about physiology (medicine) or psychology, but he'll be "back" (just search: "Einstein quotes").-- Optimism, positive thinking.

Just beware of the noise pollution which is part of the psycholgical Matrix. The evil "force" running this matrix controls the minds of those who are spiritualy asleep so that they unintentionally disturb you with noise. Also remember that spiritual people are serious. Those who are asleep love laughter, ridicule and jokes.

When your mind starts becoming analytical then you'll know that you are waking up. round, table, on, a, wooden, floor, beige, curtains, red, throw, pillows, phone, ringing...
see, hear, smell the words that objects, odors, sounds... are comprised of. Do you see in Matrix code?

And always REMEMBER: "silence is golden" . Proverbs 10:19, James 3:1-5, proverbs 18:21, proverbs 17:28. Thinking (reflecting) is better than speaking. (about the bible: I know only some parts of it are trustworthy)

Two other psychological factors which are involved in aging have to do with the old sayings: "seeing is believing" and "out of sight out of mind".

Edit: info added 8-9-2011
I'll explain how those sayings are involved in anti-aging with a small riddle (hint):

If seeing is believing then why don't you close your eyes or cover that "thing" up or simply don't look at it and then you WILL "see" that out of sight is really out of mind and then you will begin to heal yourself. Find a quiet place and just believe and again remember silence is golden. When you hear your voice you are hearing yourself as you are now so if you must speak just whisper without using your chords. Try to remember how you use to be when you were younger, how you looked and felt. Change your diet if you have to and a little exersize wont hurt.
-----------end edit. cont. below

I believe that the right knowledge delivered in just the right way has the power to transform even a murderer into a good hearted person. KNOWLEDGE REALLY IS POWER.

Continue reading:

LOVE is a word >

Anti-Aging and Noise Pollution >

Hollywood's version >

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