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Topic: Talking too much kills, see exactly why.

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Talking too much kills, see exactly why.

Free wisdom for my "yellow" friends

please don't be offended.
"Yellow" is an inside "joke"

and it's not an insult,
it's something good

like a yellow smilie face. :mrgreen:



what the heck?? :lol:

free wisdom for my beloved friends no matter what skin color they may be.

The first steps for becoming wise

Words/matrix code/noise pollution and sounds/the 5 senses
Everything you sense via the five senses is words. food is words, sound is words, etc.
Knowledge is made out of words. Knowledge is power and knowledge is made out of words, therefore words are/have power. "words are power"

Wake up!

psychology is also a word

"Everything is Psychology"

Low I.Q., belligerence, Ignorance is Evil

Who are you? What's your name?
Change your person, become better.
Become someone else. Be whoever you wish you could be. it's not impossible it's actually easy but you need the power of BELIEVE. Do you believe what I am telling you or are you skeptical?

The final rule/principal of wisdom

You need some words to forget most others so learn as many words as you can. Because the ultimate principal for wisdom is Proverbs 10:19 and James 3:2 and it's context. That is why the bible is imperfect, because it has too many words and because of Jeremiah 8:8 (gratitude to our friend insha). This may also be why the "wisest" man Solomon also sinned likewise Paul the apostol said when he tried to do what was good what was evil was present in him. It is because they used too many words, they "reasoned" too much.

These are the most important words to think about: silence, hush, quiet, shhhh, temperance, stoic, no emotion, calm, relax, chill, close your eyes, nothing, blah, whatever, whisper, breathe, remember, the less words you think about the better. Thinking is like speaking in your mind so think about those words and their synonyms as much as possible. Of course you wont be able to always think about those words but do it as much as possible and remember to speak with your mouth as least as possible. chill, relax. Remember, it's a marathon to the end. "worry" and "apprehension" are words/concepts to be avoided as much as possible.

Edit: added this info from my reply below.

proverbs 10:19 "with an abundance (multitude) of words, sin (error, mistake) is not absent (is not missing), but the one who keeps his lips in check is acting with wisdom."

there is also another proverb that says: even a fool will be regarded as wise if he remains silent.

James 3:2 says "We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep their whole body in control".

in other words: We all make many mistakes, but those who control their tongues can also control themselves in every way

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